10/14/2016First STEAG large battery systems in service.

Prequalification for provision of primary control power successfully passed // Marketing started for a total of 45 MW

Essen. STEAG's large-scale battery systems can now be used to compensate within seconds for current fluctuations in the grid which occur when the total feed-in deviates from the total consumption. The test runs have been successfully completed at the sites in Lünen, Herne and Weiher, and the systems received the necessary licenses from the transmission system operator. The first three of six large battery systems with a total capacity of 90 MW are now going online, and thus making an active contribution to securing power supplies in Germany.

Up to now, primary control power to compensate for fluctuations has been provided above all by conventional power plants. For the first time, STEAG has now used large battery systems on an industrial scale in that application. They compensate for frequency variations in the electricity grid within a matter of seconds, by feeding in energy when the frequency is too low or storing energy when the frequency is too high.

The large-scale battery systems were installed at the STEAG plants in Herne, Lünen and Duisburg-Walsum (in North Rhine-Westphalia) and in Bexbach, Fenne and Weiher (in the Saarland), and are now being successively put into primary control service in a period of only 12 months.

The STEAG lithium-ion large battery systems are being prequalified in accordance with the currently applicable performance criteria for storage batteries in primary control applications - which include, for example, the provision of energy for a minimum period of 30 minutes. They can therefore make an important contribution to ensuring network stability and secure power supply. Initial experience with operation of the large battery systems for the provision of primary control power indicates that STEAG's high expectations have been fulfilled, and demonstrates the reliability and efficiency of this new technology.

A project with a future

For the future, STEAG envisages further applications for battery systems, both in the provision of system services in the context of the energy transition, and for cost optimization and risk management at industrial facilities. Potential fields of application in Germany and abroad, and opportunities for cooperation with market partners and customers, are therefore currently being examined.

STEAG commenced preparations for construction and installation of the six large-scale battery systems with a total capacity of 90 MW in November 2015. The capital investment was around 100 million euros, and the project is being implemented without drawing on any subsidies. It is being performed in cooperation with suppliers Nidec and LG Chem, and the work has so far been completed within the framework of the ambitious timetable and cost plan.

Deployment and capacity marketing of the large-scale batteries are managed by STEAG's Trading & Optimization business unit via the STEAG OneOpt optimization network. With this investment, STEAG is making a further significant contribution to implementing the energy transition in Germany.

Further information on the function of the STEAG large battery systems can be found on the internet at Opens external link in new windowwww.steag-grossbatterie-system.com.

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