06/30/2016STEAG's large battery system in Lünen now energized

The first of a fleet of six battery systems with a total capacity of 90 MW is now going through the test phase // Important milestone for major project

Lünen. Essen. STEAG's first large battery system with a capacity of 15 MW is taking shape: at the site of the Lünen Power Plant, the first of a total of six large battery systems was commissioned late last week. Now, the system will be put through comprehensive testing in order to obtain the necessary licenses for the supply of primary control power from the transmission system operator. On completion of the trial phase, the system at the Lünen site is expected to take up commercial operation in late summer, being the first of the fleet of battery systems to be installed at six STEAG power plant sites.

Project manager Christian Karalis gives a positive summary of the project so far: "The project we are implementing here is one of the largest battery storage projects in the world. That said, all those involved in the project are highly satisfied with the development of the project to date, with the very good cooperation among the project partners, and with the achievement of this important milestone." The groundbreaking ceremony at the Lünen site had already taken place in late March. So far, eleven container-type battery units together with the associated transformers and ancillary systems have been installed on an area of about one hectare. At the five other power plant sites, too, work is now underway. The overall fleet of large battery systems is to be commissioned progressively, and as things look now, it will be in commercial operation right on schedule, in early 2017.

STEAG's large battery systems will fulfill all the currently applicable criteria for power supply from battery storage in primary control – including the minimum feed-in duration of 30 minutes. They will thus make an important contribution to ensuring the stability of the electric grid and a secure energy supply. In November 2015, STEAG had announced it was about to make a substantial investment in a fleet of six large battery systems with a total capacity of 90 MW for the supply of primary control power. The investment comes to about 100 million euros, and the project is being implemented without any subsidies. STEAG considers its large battery systems to be a major contribution to securing the success of the energy transition. The large batteries will be deployed and the power marketed by the Trading & Optimization unit of STEAG, making use of STEAG's OneOpt optimization platform.

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