11/25/2014STEAG builds wind farm in Turkey

Construction work starts in Süloglu / Good contacts on the Turkish energy market

Essen. STEAG continues to expand its international business and involvement in renewables. A wind farm with a capacity of 66 MW is being constructed in Süloglu, northwestern Turkey. Initial construction work on the infrastructure and the 154 kV overhead line started as early as September. STEAG has recently signed the financial closing documents.

The construction phase of the project has now commenced, and the start of commercial operation is scheduled for October 2015. The new wind farm in Süloglu constitutes a further asset for STEAG on the Turkish electricity market, and the first in the sector of renewables in Turkey, following the Iskenderun hard coal fired power plant.

The wind turbines are to come from Vestas, who will supply 20 turbines of type V126 with an output of 3.3 MW each. The V126 is a further development of the 3 MW platform, which is already in service as the V112-3.0 in the STEAG projects Crucea North in Romania and Ilawa in Poland.

In Turkey, wind energy projects can qualify for a fixed feed-in tariff which is paid for a period of ten years. In addition, however, it is possible to sell the electricity generated on the free market and achieve a higher return than would be available with the fixed tariff. STEAG has already taken steps on the Turkish electricity market to ensure that local electricity marketing will be as profitable as possible.

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