02/19/2014STEAG takes on operation and maintenance in Botswana in record time

Cooperation between STEAG Energy Services from Essen and India in a 600 MW power plant

Botswana’s Energy Minister witnessed the transfer of O&M responsibility to STEAG.
In the picture, from left to right: Mr. Onkokame Kitso Mokaila, Botswana’s Minister of Energy; Dipl.-Ing. Ralf Nagel, SES Project Manager; Dr. Jacob T. Verghese, Managing Director of SES India; Mr. Boben Anto, Manager of the Botswana Power Plant.

Botswana Power Plant

Essen/Gaborone. STEAG Energy Services GmbH has reacted to an enquiry from the national energy utility Botswana Power Corporation (BPC) in record time. As early as January 1, 2014, the Essen-based power company took over the operation and maintenance of the 600 MW power plant Morupule B in Botswana. It was only at the end of November that representatives of STEAG commenced negotiations with BPC under the supervision of Botswana’s Energy Minister, and the O&M team consisting of German engineers and Indian power plant operators has already been at site since Christmas.

The Morupule power plant, located around 280 km to the north-east of the nation’s capital Gaborone, is of decisive importance for the country’s electricity supply. Over 90 percent of BPC’s power generation is to take place at Morupule in future. Project manager Ralf Nagel explains the importance of the power plant in the region: “It is essential to have stable operation of the Morupule B plant in order to reduce dependence on electricity imports from South Africa.” Together with his Indian colleague Dr. Jacob Verghese, managing director of STEAG Energy Services lndia Pvt Ltd., he was able to convince the BPC representatives of the efficiency of STEAG Energy Services. The STEAG task force also included two experienced experts from the municipal utility Stadtwerke Duisburg, who contributed their extensive know-how in the operation of fluidized bed fired boilers.

Ulrich Sigel, director of STEAG Energy Services GmbH, is delighted by this new order. “We very rapidly and successfully took over a contract which BPC had concluded with a Chinese service provider and which expired at the end of 2013. To that extent, STEAG’s appointment is also confirmation of our outstanding international reputation in the field of energy services.” Dr. Ralf Schiele, also a director of STEAG Energy Services, adds: “This is an attractive order. STEAG has excellently trained technical staff – and many years of experience in operation and maintenance. Our O&M portfolio as a service provider abroad comprises around 4,000 MW in capacity.”

This project is interesting to STEAG as a reference project paving the way for further operation and maintenance involvement in southern Africa. Sigel can see further potential in Botswana: “The contract for Morupule B may also provide a positive impetus for further potential STEAG projects at Morupule. For BPC is planning in the medium term to expand the Morupule site with additional power plant units and upgrade old plant there – and we will already be right on the spot in a successful business relationship.”

Background: Botswana Power Corporation

Botswana Power Corporation (BPC) is Botswana’s national energy utility with headquarters in Gaborone. In the past, BPC was only able to cover a small proportion of the country’s demand for energy, using its own diesel-electric generating facilities and the Morupule A power plant which has now been closed down. With the newly constructed 600 MW power plant Morupule B coming on line, BPC intends to become independent of electricity imports which have up to now been purchased from South Africa.

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